Wedding ceremonies


Price: $550–$650

What’s included?

  • Our initial interview

  • Two follow-up meetings

  • Unlimited telephone and email consultation

  • Suggestions and resources to help you plan your ceremony

  • Writing a personalised ceremony, just for you

  • Rehearsal at your chosen venue

  • PA system with microphone and iPod connectivity

  • Signing table and two chairs

  • Lodgement of all legal documents with the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office

  • Your signed ‘presentation’ certificate to commemorate your special day.

Once you have decided on your ceremony day and date, it’s a good idea to contact me as soon as you can to set up a planning meeting.

For your ceremony, I will travel 100 kms round trip as part of my standard fee and further by negotiation.

When you make your booking, a $350 non-refundable deposit is payable. The remainder of your payment can be done in set instalments – just ask me for more details.

Feel free to email me or call me for a chat. Hearing my voice on the phone may be a helpful start in determining if I’d be a good match for your dream day.

Legal information for weddings

When you decide you’re going to get married, a Notice of Intended Marriage form needs to be completed and lodged with the Attorney General’s Department.

This form must be completed at least one month before your marriage date, and no more than 18 months beforehand. When you appoint me as your celebrant, I can fill out this form (with some help from you) and will lodge it for you.

In Australian law, for two people to marry they must both be over the age of 18 years. If one person is under 18 (but over 16), it can still be done, but there are some extra steps.

To complete the necessary paperwork, you will need to provide me with the following:

  • If you were born in Australia, please provide your original Birth Certificate. If you don’t have an original Birth Certificate, you can get one from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office.

  • If you were born overseas and don’t have your original Birth Certificate, I will need to see your passport.

  • If you have been previously married, please provide your Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce.

  • If you have been widowed, please provide the relevant Death Certificate.

On your wedding day, as part of your ceremony, you will sign three marriage certificates:

  • the first is the official certificate which is sent to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office

  • the second is is kept in my Marriage Register as a record of your marriage

  • the third is a ‘presentation’ certificate, which you will be given on the day to keep.

Two witnesses over the age of 18 who can read and understand English will also be required to sign the certificates.

After the ceremony

I will check all legal documents and post via Registered Mail, to the Births Deaths and Marriages Registration Office in Adelaide within three days of your marriage.

If either partner intends to change their name after their marriage, they must obtain and complete an application form called ‘Register a change of name’. This can be obtained from any Australia Post Office or downloaded from the Births Deaths and Marriages website.

The Births Deaths and Marriages Registration Office takes approximately 15 days to process your documents from when I lodge them. As such, applications for change of name or for your official Marriage Certificate should be submitted after this time.